Rafael Chaves – Eclipse Experience

Hi, this is an Eclipse-specific addition to my basic profile. I have been developing on the Eclipse Platform since 2002.

I was a committer in the Eclipse Project between during the release cycles of 2.1, 3.0 and 3.1. During that period, I was responsible, sometimes as the main developer, for work such the support for fine-grained encoding configuration, the content type framework, the rewrite of the local history and persistent property mechanisms, the OSGi-based component model, the dynamic extension registry, workspace path variables and the session testing framework. I did quite a bit of work on performance optimization as well.

After that, I worked for a year in the team that developed the SCM client for the Rational Jazz/Team Concert platform.

Since then, I have still been using Eclipse as an IDE and as platform for my personal projects, usually server-side applications. I would love the opportunity to do more Eclipse-based development full-time again.