Consulting clients

Following is a summary of work done during previous consulting and contracting engagements

Salesforce/MuleSoft (2019/03-2020/05)

For Salesforce/Mulesoft, I provided performance and design-related reviewing and mentoring and hands-on code contributions to a small team building a Java/Eclipse-based IDE for their ESB platform.

Bravi (2014, 2017/10-2020/05)

For Bravi, a Brazilian custom software outsourcing company: I prototyped development tools for rapid development, acted as a temporary architect, technical lead and back-end developer for new projects, as well in the hiring process for technical roles, and as a technical consultant for business development. In the past, we have also built DSL tooling (using Xtext) that improved quality and productivity when authoring e-learning material (2014).

Genologics (2013-2017)

For Genologics, which produces Clarity, a Lab Information Management System (LIMS), we have:

  • refactored an autonomous agent application from a proprietary binary protocol to using the LIMS REST API (implementing various new endpoints to support the new use cases)
  • enabled LDAP authentication for their Grails-based LIMS
  • designed and implemented a standalone framework for testing the LIMS REST API
  • ported a number of endpoints in the LIMS REST API to the new stack
  • acted as a technical advisor/design reviewer on many features

amongst other modernization projects.

Senior Sistemas (2015-2016)

For Senior Sistemas, a major Brazilian ERP provider, we have:

  • designed a domain specific language for modeling contracts in distributed applications
  • built IDE tooling for developing with such language (using Xtext, Xtend, Xcore)
  • developed a multi-protocol API gateway for conversion between SOAP|REST|WebSockets and a message broker
  • designed and implemented a framework for Java microservices
  • designed and built a local blob store service
  • designed and built an architecture for integrating 3rd-party services into the platform
  • acted as a technical advisor in several architectural/design discussions


For Digilab, we provided technical mentoring for a small development team on topics such as:

  • object-oriented design
  • automated testing
  • API design
  • modularization
  • refactoring (code and database)
  • information modeling

Pixeon (2014-2015)

We helped Pixeon improve efficiency by building tools that automate and help validate most repetitive and error prone tasks in the contexts of installation / upgrade / configuration of their PACS solution.