Consulting clients

Following is a summary of work done during previous consulting and contracting engagements

Bravi (2014, 2017-)

For Bravi (2017-), we built the back-end and REST API for a business application, using Spring Boot, Keycloak, Postgresql. We also help Bravi in the hiring process for technical roles, as technical consultancy for business development, and with temporary technical leadership for new projects etc. In the past, we have also built DSL tooling (using Xtext) that improved quality and productivity when authoring e-learning material (2014).

Genologics (2013-2017)

For Genologics, which produces Clarity, a Lab Information Management System (LIMS), we have:

  • refactored an autonomous agent application from a proprietary binary protocol to using the LIMS REST API (implementing various new endpoints to support the new use cases)
  • enabled LDAP authentication for their Grails-based LIMS
  • designed and implemented a standalone framework for testing the LIMS REST API
  • ported a number of endpoints in the LIMS REST API to the new stack
  • acted as a technical advisor/design reviewer on many features

amongst other modernization projects.

Major ERP Company (2015-2016)

For a major Brazilian ERP provider, we have:

  • designed a domain specific language for modeling contracts in distributed applications
  • built IDE tooling for developing with such language (using Xtext, Xtend, Xcore)
  • developed a multi-protocol API gateway for conversion between SOAP|REST|WebSockets and a message broker
  • designed and implemented a framework for Java microservices
  • designed and built a local blob store service
  • designed and built an architecture for integrating 3rd-party services into the platform
  • acted as a technical advisor in several architectural/design discussions


For Digilab, we provided technical mentoring for a small development team on topics such as:

  • object-oriented design
  • automated testing
  • API design
  • modularization
  • refactoring (code and database)
  • information modeling

Pixeon (2014-2015)

We helped Pixeon improve efficiency by building tools that automate and help validate most repetitive and error prone tasks in the contexts of installation / upgrade / configuration of their PACS solution.