Modernization of Legacy Applications

The goal is to improve the quality of the product itself, be it still in initial development or already in production.

Needs: code running on an outdated stack, code breaks too easily, developers don’t understand the existing code, any new feature requires too much work, application lacking performance/scalability.

Activities: design/architecture reviews, improvement of existing design/architecture (refactoring), migration of legacy applications to more modern platforms, development of custom tools to perform said migrations.

Custom Development

Tool Development

We can develop development tools (DSLs, compilers, code generators, IDEs) custom-built for your software development team.

Application Development

We also build new subsystems or applications from scratch, including defining design and architecture.

About the Consultant

Rafael is a software engineering aficionado, and the founder and currently only person behind Abstratt (more).

Clients We Have Worked With

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