Pitching AlphaSimple

Not clear on what AlphaSimple is about? Isn’t the value we aim to provide clear?

Does this 7-slide pitch deck (including title) help you understand it?

If not, please let us know. Or if it is clear, but you don’t think it would work, please help us understand why. Or even if you think it is right on the money, some reassurance is always welcome.

Note that the web site hasn’t yet changed to reflect the more recent focus on code generation that the slide deck hints at (in addition to the existing focus on requirements and solution design validation). That is on our to-do list. Expect significant changes (messaging and service features) this Spring.

This is the inaugural post on the “business of software” category. Expect many more in the future as we work on turning AlphaSimple into a product that fulfills our mission: to bring model-driven development to the masses, and stopping hordes of developers from writing so much code. Stay tuned.

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