Cloudfier is now open-source!

This has been the case for a few months now, but a formal announcement was in order, so here you go: Cloudfier is now open-source!

The source code for Cloudfier is on GitHub. Public builds are available on Cloudbees. The code now includes instructions on how to build and run your own instance of the Cloudfier server.

The project was reorganized in four areas:

  1. UML-based bindings for Kirra
  2. code generation
  3. model execution
  4. SaaS-style IDE and web-based endpoints

The first two subsystems are now licensed as EPL. The last two are licensed as AGPL.

The TextUML Toolkit and the Kirra API projects, which Cloudfier builds upon, are independent projects and have been open-source (EPL) since the beginning.

Why now?

The main driver behind the decision to open source Cloudfier was our new focus on code generation. We are working hard on building a production-level code generator for JavaEE (E4J), and would really like to encourage others, based on the foundations Cloudfier provides, to start building generators for any other target platforms they are interested in.

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