New paper: Cloudfier – Automatic Architecture for Information Management Applications

What do you do when you have a conference paper rejected? That has just happened to me. I could work on improving it according to some of the feedback I got, and resubmit it to another conference, but this paper was written for a “Tools Track” of a software engineering conference, and I would have a hard time trying to fit it elsewhere (at least here in Brazil, not planning to travel abroad at this time).

So if you want to take a look at the full paper, the PDF is freely available (download). It is basically an introduction to Cloudfier, what it is meant for, and a tour over the modeling capabilities. Comments are very welcome. Below is the abstract:

Cloudfier: Automatic Architecture for Information Management Applications

Information management applications have always taken up a significant portion of the software market. The primary value in this kind of software is in how well it encodes the knowledge of the business domain and helps streamline and automate business activities. However, much of the effort in developing such applications is wasted dealing with technological aspects, which in the grand scheme of things, are of little relevance.

Cloudfier is a model­-driven platform for development and deployment of information management applications that allows developers to focus on understanding the business domain and building a conceptual solution, and later apply an architecture automatically to produce a running application. The benefit is that applications become easier to develop and maintain, and inherently future­proof.

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