Poll: what are the best language and frameworks for building business apps?

Imagine you were building the back-end for a brand new business application. You would need to address the domain information model (with entities, properties, associations, operations, queries, events etc), its persistence (on a relational database), and a REST API (to support integration with a UI and other clients). Consider the UI is somebody else’s job – and it is going to be built separately using other language/frameworks.

If it was completely up to you (not your client, or boss, or co-workers), what would be your language (one) and frameworks (any required) of choice for developing such application? Why?

These are literally the 3 questions asked in a poll I recently started. Please help by answering the poll and sharing this post (or upvoting it on the site you came from). Results will be published here.

The poll has been running for a few days and while it is still early, there have been already a quite diverse set of responses.

What is this guy up to?

I figured someone would ask.

It is always fascinating to me to read research that shows what makes developers tick. But I have a specific motivation for finding out what language/framework characteristics are more attractive to developers: to figure out what would be a good target for generating code (MDD-style) from high-level models. The hypothesis is that the more popular (or desired) the target platform, the more interest a code generator for that platform will draw.

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