Presenting Cloudfier at VIJUG

I will be presenting Cloudfier at the next VIJUG meeting on May 30th.

I believe you will find the subject at least a bit intriguing (oh, and there will be some beer). It is open to anyone interested. If you intend to come, it will help if you can RSVP. There is an EventBrite page, but a comment here or on the VIJUG blog or Google+ or Facebook pages should do as well.

The goal is to give an overview of Cloudfier and gather feedback from fellow Victoria developers, in preparation for the first release later this year. VIJUG meetings have a varied audience so that should mean some interesting feedback. Also, if you are a fan of my speaking skills (I kid!), it is possibly my last talk in Victoria, given we’ll be packing and moving back to Brazil in just a few months. Honestly though, it would be great to see again some of the many great tech folks I met in Victoria in the last 6 years before heading to the other side of the Equator.

UPDATE: the presentation was a great opportunity for gathering feedback on Cloudfier. Got some very good questions and suggestions from Paul, John, Kelly, Shea and others. Thanks to all who managed to attend. These were the slides presented:

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