TextUML Toolkit finally gets continuous integration thanks to Tycho and CloudBees

TextUML Toolkit 1.8 is now available! You can install it as usual using http://abstratt.com/update as the update site. There is also a snapshot update site, which will work from within Eclipse only:


This is a transition release where the TextUML Toolkit now uses continuous integration for producing builds via Eclipse Tycho, as opposed to developer initiated builds from the IDE. This benefits contributors (the development setup is much simpler), but primarily users – since it is now so much easier to obtain the source code and generate a release users can expect much more frequent releases, and hopefuly more goodies from occasional contributors.

Talking about frequent releases, if you don’t mind living on the bleeding edge, I invite you to install the TextUML Toolkit from the snapshot update site (that is what you get if you install the Toolkit using the Eclipse Marketplace Client). That way, features or fixes will become available to you a day after they have been committed.

This release contains a number of new features and bug fixes added since 1.7 was released a year ago, but we are not documenting those yet. You will see those properly promoted in a future release. Our focus now was to get our release engineering act straight, and I think we succeeded, thanks to Tycho.

Finally, we would like to thank CloudBees for their generous free plan that allows us to set up Jenkins continuous builds for the TextUML Toolkit at no cost. On that note, we are applying for a FOSS plan so we can have our build results available for everyone to see, and as a bonus, enjoy a slightly higher monthly build quota. As you can see, we are already living up to our side of the deal by spreading the word about their cool DEV@cloud product. :)

UPDATE: CloudBees is now providing the TextUML Toolkit project with a free DEV@cloud instance.

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