Upcoming presentation on code generation and executable models @ VIJUG

This coming Thursday I will be doing a presentation entitled “Code generation – going all the way” to the Vancouver Island Java User Group.

The plan is to take the audience from the most basic ideas around generating code from models, visiting approaches increasingly more sophisticated, analyzing their pros and cons, all the way to full code generation based on executable models.

In the process, we will be taking a cursory look at some code generation tools in the market, culminating with a preview of the upcoming release of AlphaSimple, our online modeling tool, which will support executable modeling and full code generation.


May 2011 VIJUG Meeting – Code generation: going all the way (official announcement)


Vancouver Island Technology Park, Conference Center Room – 4464 Markham Street, Victoria, BC


Thursday, 26th May 2011, 18:00-20:00

If you are in Victoria and think developing business applications got just way too complicated and labor-intensive, and that there must be a saner way to build and evolve them (no matter what platforms you use), come to this presentation and learn how executable models and full code generation can fix that.

Update: these were the slides presented:

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One thought on “Upcoming presentation on code generation and executable models @ VIJUG

  1. Vincent Hanniet

    May 24, 2011 at 4:01am

    Hi Rafael,
    In France JUGs, mainly Java developers, usually don’t like code generation. Just as if it spoils their developer skills. I’m curious if it’s the same elsewhere. Please let me know!

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