Take control over UML class diagrams in AlphaSimple

As recently announced, shared models in AlphaSimple now sport UML class diagrams thanks to Graphviz support in the Google Charts API .

What I didn’t mention is that you can customize how diagrams are rendered by specifying query parameters on the image URL. For instance, compare the basic diagram from the previous post with the customized diagram below (click on it to see the URL). Can you spot the differences? :)

Here are all supported options:

  • showAssociationEndOwnership (boolean)
  • showStructuralFeatureVisibility (boolean)
  • showAssociationEndMultiplicity (boolean)
  • showAssociationName (boolean)
  • showAssociationEndName (boolean)
  • showClassifierCompartmentForPackage (Current, Immediate, Any)
  • showClassifierStereotypes (boolean)
  • showElementsInOtherPackage (Never, Immediate, Always)
  • showEmptyClassifierCompartments (NotEmpty, Never, Always)
  • showFeatureStereotypes (boolean)
  • showParameterDirection (boolean)
  • showPrimitives (boolean)
  • showRelationshipStereotypes (boolean)

Give it a try (don’t forget you need to share your projects, and republish for changes to become visible to others). Are there more control options you would like to see?

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