TextUML Toolkit 1.5 is out!

Release 1.5 of the TextUML Toolkit is now available from the update sites, for both Eclipse 3.5+ and 3.4. Update or install. We got a few new features in this release.

Content assist
There is now early support for content assist (contributed by Attila Bak), with initial support for stereotype applications.
Content assist in action

Element aliasing
You can now enable aliasing by creating repository properties in the form:


For instance:


New textual notation features
There is now textual notation support for decimal literals.

You might have noticed 1.4 was announced here less than a month ago. We decided to start pushing releases as often as we can, so you can expect a bunch of 1.x releases throughout 2010. If you want to see some feature in the TextUML Toolkit, ask away!

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