TextUML Toolkit 1.3 is out!

The TextUML Toolkit 1.3 is now available, 4.5 months after 1.2. If you already got RC1 (…), it is the same build, no need to upgrade again. Otherwise, just point the Eclipse update mechanism to:

http://abstratt.com/update/ – if you are using Eclipse Galileo, or

http://abstratt.com/update/3.4/ – if you are using Eclipse Ganymede.

Please see the feature page for a summary of the evolution of the TextUML Toolkit in terms of features across releases. Some highlights for this release are better integration with other UML tools and support for both Eclipse 3.4 and 3.5.

As usual, bug reports and feature requests are much appreciated. And if you need help, make sure to ask on the user forum.

The TextUML Toolkit Team

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