TextUML Toolkit 1.3RC1 is now available

The first release candidate towards version 1.3 of the TextUML Toolkit is now available. The feature overview page has been updated to reflect the changes in the 1.3 cycle.

Please give it a try and report any issues you might find. If no serious problems are found with this build, it will be promoted to 1.3 final later this week.

Note that the main update site supports Eclipse 3.5, but there is also an update site for Eclipse 3.4.  The features are the same, the only differences between the two sites are the dependencies (UML2 3.0 and EMF 2.5 on Eclipse 3.5, UML2 2.2 and EMF 2.4 on Eclipse 3.4).

The TextUML Toolkit team welcomes your feedback.

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3 thoughts on “TextUML Toolkit 1.3RC1 is now available

  1. Max Bureck

    June 15, 2009 at 3:10am

    Hello, It would be better if you change the https link to the wiki to a http link. The https page requires authentication.


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