A month’s worth of news

Wow, it is been more than a month since my last post, but I have been busier than ever working on an upcoming MDD-related product (cannot say much now other than that you will hear more about it here first). However, In TextUML Toolkit-land things are looking pretty exciting.

More hands on deck

Vladimir Sosnin has joined the project and has been on a roll contributing many patches, not only bug fixes but design improvements and features too. It is amazing how quickly he has become very comfortable with the TextUML Toolkit code base (Vladimir is certainly a solid developer, but I’d like to think the quality of the code base helped him too). And if that was not good enough, Vladimir is also using the TextUML Toolkit in his daily work around model-driven development, so that should help ensuring the Toolkit has the features its target audience actually needs.

New release in the making

1.3RC1 should be made available during the weekend. It has some shiny new language features, a bunch of bug fixes, better integration with other UML2 tools and support for both Galileo and Ganymede. By the way, shipping code that can handle different incompatible versions of Eclipse has become a little more challenging with P2, as you cannot ship a feature that has bundles that resolve in a mutually exclusive way – it seems you really need two different features for that.

Documentation moved to SourceForge

SourceForge now has support for MediaWiki, which is used to author and serve the documentation for the TextUML Toolkit. In the spirit of strengthening the message that the project should really be considered a community-based effort, I decided to migrate the documentation from the Abstratt web site over to SourceForge.

I guess that does it, at least for now.  Stay tuned.

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