TextUML Toolkit 1.2 RC2 fixes stereotype extension rendering bug

A new RC build of the TextUML Toolkit is now available. It has one bug fix since RC1. Basically, when rendering stereotypes, the metaclasses extended by the stereotype were not being shown. Not really critical, but isolated and safe enough to be fixed now. Pending any last minute bug reports by the community, it is likely this build will be promoted to 1.2 release early this week.

Also, while testing, I noticed that the Pet Store example was triggering a known Graphviz issue with associations navigable both ends, so I updated the petstore_models project so the relationship between Title and Payment was navigable only in one direction (Title -> Payment). I recaptured the class diagram images showing on that page using the Image Viewer “Save to File” function instead of screenshot sections.

Just trigger a software update for the TextUML Toolkit to get RC2.

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