TextUML Toolkit 1.2 RC0 / M3 is now available

The third milestone build and first release candidate of the TextUML Toolkit, the IDE for textual UML  modeling, is now available from the update site.

The feature page shows all the new features in this new release, but here they are:

As you can tell, most of the work in the 1.2 release cycle was towards extending the TextUML notation with support for UML.

There were also several bug fixes, one of them being the first to be addressed by an external contributor (thanks, Massimiliano!).

If no serious issues are found with this milestone build, it will be promoted to 1.2 final by the next weekend. So, if you are using a 1.1.* build, make sure you upgrade it to a 1.2 release candidate build and start smoke testing with your usual workflows, and report any bugs you find.

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