Call for contributors

I would like to see the TextUML Toolkit as an Eclipse MDT subproject. Not long ago, I talked to Kenn Hussey and Ed Merks (they lead the UML2 and EMF projects, respectively) about the idea of proposing the Toolkit to the EMO and they both liked it (Ed actually suggested the idea in the first place). However, I was concerned that just one guy (yours truly) working on the project on and off in his spare time with no user community didn’t look very promising, and Kenn promptly agreed, so it was decided that it was important to get other people on board first.

With the intent of starting to gather some sort of community and hopefully contributors, I decided to release version 1.1 as EPL. In the first couple of weeks after that, I noticed a significant spike in interest (page hits, issues opened, forum activity). But then everything went back to how it was before: today, there is no evidence anybody is using the tool, and I am still the only committer in the project.

So, this is a call (or a cry) for contributors: if you like the textual approach to UML modeling proposed by the TextUML Toolkit, would like to help putting together a proposal, and have some amount of time/resources to commit to the project in the long(ish) run, I am really eager to hear from you.

Things that are in scope for the project:

  • broader notation coverage of UML features
  • richer IDE support: content assist, search/hyperlinking, refactoring
  • better integration with graphical UML tools

If you are interested, feel free to contact me via this blog, the Toolkit forum or e-mail (rafael at

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