Feature: required extensions for stereotypes

Just checked in a new feature in the TextUML Toolkit: required extensions for stereotypes (honestly, I didn’t know about that feature in UML until I read this post on the Eclipse UML2 newsgroup).

The following is a stereotype extending two metaclasses (uml::Class and uml::Operation):

profile my_profile;

import uml;

stereotype foo extends Class, Operation required


In the example above, the extension of Operation is required, the extension of Class is not.

Change set

The change set to implement required extensions in the TextUML Toolkit (issue #2266268) was quite small (btw, kudos to the UML2 project for providing the best API for UML out there).

Here are the individual changes per plug-in (r153-r156):

Any other UML feature you would like to see exposed in the TextUML notation? Suggestions are welcome.

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