UML metamodel as text

I posted this earlier this week on the UML2 newsgroup, thought I would share it here too…

I published a TextUML rendition of the UML 2.1 metamodel that is shipped by Eclipse UML2 here (warning: 5.9k lines, 370Kb of text). It starts like this:

model uml;

apply Ecore;
apply Standard;

import ecore;

(* A comment is a textual annotation that can be attached to a set of elements. *)
class Comment specializes Element
    (* Specifies a string that is the comment. *)
    public attribute body : String;
    (* References the Element(s) being commented. *)
    public attribute annotatedElement : Element[0, *];

Thought it could be useful to anyone wanting to have a quick look at the UML metamodel. The TextUML renderer does not support all UML element types, so some elements might be missing/incomplete.

I think that is a nice demo of the textual browsing capabilities in the TextUML Toolkit. Of course, much more could be done in that area. If you feel like lending a hand, any help (bug reports included) will be much appreciated.

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