Demo: Installing, configuring and exploring the TextUML Toolkit

I just uploaded the first interactive presentation showing how to install and configure the TextUML Toolkit on Eclipse 3.4. It starts with a plain Eclipse Platform Runtime install, and guides the reader through the following steps:

  1. making sure you have the right version of Eclipse (3.4)
  2. adding the TextUML Toolkit update site
  3. installing the TextUML Toolkit and EclipseGraphviz
  4. configuring EclipseGraphviz to point to your Graphviz install
  5. opening the Image Viewer view to show models using the graphical notation
  6. creating an empty TextUML Toolkit project
  7. creating an empty TextUML source file
  8. creating a minimal class diagram with a package and a featureless class
  9. understanding the edit/compile/visualize cycle

Give it a try and let me know what you think. Blame me for any weird screen transitions. Wink is a great little tool but has a few small quirks that I have yet to master, but the next presentation should look better. Cheers,


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