One less reason for using Eclipse 3.3

According to an announcement made on the acceleo-dev mailing list, Acceleo 2.3.0 has been released today. Congrats to the folks at Obeo! The latest bits are already available from Acceleo’s update site, but the download page still shows 2.2.1 as the latest release available.

That is one less excuse for using Eclipse 3.3, which was the latest release supported by Acceleo 2.2.1. An added bonus is that the TextUML Toolkit is much more stable on Eclipse 3.4 due to a nasty concurrency bug fixed in UML2 for the Ganymede release (kudos to Kenn and James!).

I just updated the install instructions for the Pet Store example application. With a new and improved Software Update mechanism (a.k.a. P2), it became much simpler to install the TextUML Toolkit and Acceleo on Eclipse 3.4. For instance, no need to worry about EMF or UML2, they are transparently installed. How cool is that?

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One thought on “One less reason for using Eclipse 3.3

  1. Stephane

    July 25, 2008 at 11:39pm

    just FYI, the web site with the release information will be updated on Monday !

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