Time is up

Even after cutting scope to close to half of what I was planning, I failed to accomplish what I set off to do in the 30-day challenge. I basically have the code and the example in a releasable state, but I have no means to publish a tutorial with images due to some unexpected web site issues. Even without this issue, I might not have made it, given how much work I left to the last day. Anyway… after spending quite some time trying to get MediaWiki to behave (with no success), now I don’t have time or energy for packaging and pushing the bits of the TextUML Toolkit RC3 (hopefully 1.0?) to the FTP server. Should do that at some point this week, and also hopefully get the wiki back online.

Well, enough ranting, need some sleep now. Thanks to the other 30-dayers for being part of this, and hope you guys had better luck. Cheers,


P.S.: I considered not writing in my current mood, but I thought in the end it would be more honest doing so, so there you go

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3 thoughts on “Time is up

  1. Scott Kane

    July 1, 2008 at 4:13am

    Hi Rafael,

    Feel good about your decision, it’s better to be cautious than flippant when releasing a product people are expected to pay for. Like yourself I’ve not gone to release, though technically finished I have a lot of code polish I am not confortable shipping without doing first.

  2. rafael.chaves

    July 2, 2008 at 11:07pm

    Ok, the wiki is back working with images again. The Pet Store Example model is showing fine now, but with no descriptive text whatsoever, which is yet to be written.

    Also to be done:

    • publishing the new build (RC3/1.0)
    • publishing the Acceleo modules
    • writing an article on how to generate code for the Pet Store example

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