Scope cutting season

Well, things are not going so smoothly in TextUML Toolkit land. Hope the others are doing better.

  • a user reported that the embedded Graphviz install was not working for him on Windows XP (I expected it to work on all Windows versions, but really tested only on Vista). After some investigation, I realized that a minimal Graphviz install will look very different depending on the Windows version. Result: I decided to quit bundling Graphviz for Windows. Now, the TextUML Toolkit users on Windows have to manually install Graphviz on their own, and configure the location of an external Graphviz manually, just as Linux and Mac OS X users had to do since day 0. The latest build RC2 (just published) already reflects that change.
  • a simple WordPress migration using GoDaddy’s Hosting Connection became a big hassle (their rollback feature did not work either). Result: had to delete my existing install, and install the latest version from scratch (thankfully, WordPress export/import features worked like a charm). Lesson learned: avoid doing any infrastructure changes that are not critical in the weeks preceding a release (even if they seem harmless).

I finally woke up to the fact I am really late with most of the deliverables I planned for June 30th and we are already a week from the deadline. I decided thus to postpone all non-product related items. Other than any critical bug that might be found this week, I will be focusing on publishing the sample application on the wiki. Nothing else.

Well, maybe some blogging.

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