TextUML Toolkit – Commitments for the 30 day challenge

As I mentioned before, I joined the 30 day product challenge with the TextUML Toolkit. Of the benefits of being part of the challenge, the ones that most attract me are the sense of being part of something greater, and the motivational power of peer pressure (even if imaginary) and fear of public failure. With that in mind, these are my commitments for the challenge:

Phase 1 – June 1st to June 15th:

Focus on finishing development and examples.

  • publish the milestone 5 of the TextUML Toolkit (M5) (done)
  • making UML graphical visualization an optional component (done)
  • publish an example application
    • model – probably a subset of the Java Pet Store app
    • code generation templates – probably using Acceleo
  • should target Eclipse 3.4 (done – M5 can be installed on Eclipse 3.4 or 3.3, but download will continue to bundle 3.3 due to lack of tool support for product creation in the new software update mechanism available in Eclipse 3.4)
  • bug fixing (continuously)
  • improve documentation (continuously)
  • publish Release Candidate 1 on June 15th
  • development freeze

Phase 2 – June 16th to June 30th:

Focus on polishing and getting it out of the door.

  • major/critical bugs
  • minor bugs/polish items
  • improve documentation (continuously)
  • artwork
    • icons for TextUML source files, new project wizard (outsource)
    • website (images, skins)*
  • legal stuff
    • make sure we comply with all licenses for any bundled open source software
    • legal notices using Eclipse branding
    • beef up license (no redistribution, no reverse engineering)
  • PR (go easy, this is 1.0) – EPIC, announcement-friendly developer forums
  • one active beta-tester
  • one early adopter*
  • screencasts (this is a biggie)
    • creating a UML model using the TextUML Toolkit
    • generating code using Acceleo
  • RC3 on June 29th
  • declare 1.0 on Monday June 30th

* marks nice-to-have items

There you go. You, my readers (yes, both of you), can now hold me accountable if I fail to accomplish any of the work items I committed to do above.

To my fellow 30-dayers: good luck to us all. It will be fun!

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4 thoughts on “TextUML Toolkit – Commitments for the 30 day challenge

  1. Andreas

    June 4, 2008 at 12:41pm

    Hi Rafael,

    who’s the other one?
    Just kidding…
    Anyway. I’m WATCHING you.
    Feel the pressure?

    Good luck & have fun,

  2. rchaves

    June 4, 2008 at 7:05pm


    Thanks, Andreas, I appreciate the support.

  3. Mike Wilson

    June 5, 2008 at 9:22am

    Hi Rafael,

    Best of luck with your application. I’m looking forward to seeing how you go with this. Do you think you’ll offer any support for GUI design tools such as Visio in the future?



  4. rchaves

    June 5, 2008 at 7:39pm

    Hi Mike, thanks!

    The TextUML Toolkit relies on Eclipse UML2, an open source API for reading and manipulating UML models. Eclipse UML2 persists models in XMI, which is the standard XML-based interchange format for UML. Most UML tools in the market support XMI, including (to my surprise) Visio.

    Unfortunately, there are quite a few different flavors of XMI implementations, causing tools to be incompatible with each other. I haven’t tried accessing from the TextUML Toolkit a UML model exported from Visio, but I would be surprised if it works.

    The TextUML Toolkit is supposed to be compatible with any of the tools listed here, as they also rely on Eclipse UML2 for importing and/or exporting UML models.

    Good luck to you too!


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