M4 has left the building!

M4 has been declared. If you got the M4 test build that was announced a week ago, no need to download again, it is the same build. Please see that post for a summary of the changes.

The TextUML tutorial has been updated in order to reflect the changes that happened during M4, the most remarkable one being that starting with M4 there are no built-in packages (such as ‘base’ and ‘base_profile’) any longer, other than those defined in UML2 itself. So if you were using elements defined in those built-in packages, you have now to define the elements yourself. The rationale is that the TextUML Toolkit should not be in the business of providing built-in packages nor rely on anything other than standard UML to do its work.

If you didn’t get the test build, go ahead and download M4. If you want to see a feature in the TextUML Toolkit, now it is the time to ask, as the next milestone will be feature freeze. And if you have tried the Toolkit and decided it is not for you, we would die to know why. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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