TextUML Toolkit M4 test build is now available

The first (and hopefully only) test build for M4 is now available. This is the first milestone where you can get the TextUML Toolkit via Update Manager. Just point Update Manager to:


Actually, if you are planning to use Acceleo or UML2Tools, it is the best approach. From an Eclipse SDK 3.3 install, point the Update Manager to the site above and install the TextUML Toolkit along with its prerequisites (EMF and UML2). Once you are done, you can install any compatible tools, such as Acceleo and/or UML2Tools (sites will be automatically configured after you install the Toolkit and its prerequisites). If you are not planning to use Acceleo, you can start from an Eclipse Platform install, or you can just download the TextUML Toolkit from the download page as usual.

Follows a summary of the changes that went into M4, including features (in bold) and bug fixes.

Ticket Summary
49 prevent creation of duplicated symbols
102 NPE trying to set value for stereotype property
143 declare a built-in update site for the textuml toolkit
145 project creation wizard issues
164 Support nested packages in TextUMLRenderer
165 Unexpected exception while compiling – java.lang.IllegalStateException: deresolve relative URI
166 spurious empty null.uml or base_profile.uml files being created
168 integrate a code generator
169 constant literal assignment is broken

I will be writing on some of those features in following posts.


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