TextUML Toolkit at VIJUG

I will be presenting the TextUML Toolkit at this month’s Vancouver Island Java User Group meeting. If you are in the Victoria area, I hope to see you there. It is free, and there will be pizza and drinks. Oh, and there will be a cool demo of the toolkit, including code generation using Acceleo and a quick demo on model execution just to give a hint of what comes next after the toolkit goes GA.

Many thanks to Manfred, the JUG leader, for organizing the meeting, and to Genologics for sponsoring it!

UPDATE: the meeting was great (slides here), got lots of interesting questions and comments, and many in the audience liked the idea of using a textual notation for UML. A bit harder to get buy-in for the idea of UML as programming language. I guess I will need to show something running to get that across too… ;) 

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