EclipseGraphviz on non-Windows platforms

Starting today there is support for EclipseGraphviz on non-Windows platforms. Scott Bronson convinced me that while bundling a Graphviz install was a good idea for the Windows audience, on Linux and other platforms that really would not make sense given that Linux runs on many different architectures, not to mention other Unix-like systems where Eclipse and Graphviz are known to work and EclipseGraphviz would not due to lack of a corresponding bundled Graphviz install.

Thanks to Scott’s patches, EclipseGraphviz should now work out of the box on any Windows system or on any other platform where Eclipse and Graphviz were successfully installed. If Graphviz is installed under a location that is not part of the system path, you will have to open the Graphviz preference page, choose the “Specify manually” option and enter the absolute location of the “dot” executable:


Do you create diagrams using Graphviz dot language or would you like to see the UML visualization capabilities on non-Windows platforms? Make sure you have Graphviz installed (Windows users can skip this step), then point the Eclipse update manager to and get the latest build. Any problems, report here or on the EclipseGraphviz issue tracker. Need help? Ask away, either here or on the forum. We only tested on Windows XP and Linux/x86 64 bits so if you are using another platform, please tell us what OS/architecture you are using EclipseGraphviz on and whether it works or not.

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