TextUML Toolkit 1.0 M2 is available!

After a few minor bug fixes and improvements to the test build, the M2 milestone of TextUML Toolkit is available. With this milestone you can:

  • create UML models using the TextUML textual representation
  • visualize the model created using the conventional graphical notation for class diagrams

This milestone does not support non-Windows platforms. But progress is being made in that direction. See below a screenshot of TextUML Toolkit running on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn:

Just go to the download page and fetch it, it is free with no restrictions (or guarantees). Make sure to check out the tutorial. Your feedback is most appreciated.

Now off to a long weekend on the beach…

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3 thoughts on “TextUML Toolkit 1.0 M2 is available!

  1. Henrique

    September 14, 2007 at 12:07pm

    Great, just missing a Eclipse update site.

  2. rchaves

    September 17, 2007 at 8:00am

    Hey, thanks for the appreciation.

    Yes, an update site is planned for before the next milestone. The main reason it was not done yet was that updates are based on features, and the Eclipse UML2 feature required by the TextUML Toolkit also requires the JDT Core feature, which is totally unnecessary in the context of our toolkit. That means someone that has CDT and not JDT would have to install JDT Core before installing the TextUML Toolkit. We plan to fix that by providing a simpler feature that has only the Eclipse UML2 plug-ins we actually need.

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