Graphviz support in Eclipse

Would you like an Eclipse-based development environment for composing Graphviz diagrams, for instance, an editor with syntax highlighting, on-the-fly validation and visualization? Or would you, as an Eclipse plug-in developer, like an easy way of producing nice looking diagrams by calling Graphviz from your own Eclipse application?

Well, we have the second need (for our TextUML Toolkit product) and I have started developing it as an open source project to be maintained on SourceForge (project being provisioned as I write this). We will certainly need help from other contributors. Help will be mostly welcome with the end-user oriented features as our initial focus will be on producing an API for invoking Graphviz from within Eclipse.

(By the way, it has been a while since the last post. Meanwhile, I have been busy moving back from Brazil to Canada (more specifically to the beautiful Victoria, BC), finding a new home and buying a new computer. The trip itself was exhausting (5 flights across a week), but it could have been much worse had I followed Google’s advice.

From now on, you should see a new post here at least once a week. The plan is to have the second milestone for TextUML Toolkit (with diagram visualization) in about two weeks. Stay tuned.)

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