About Abstratt Technologies

Abstratt is a company focused on improving how people build and deploy software. We do that by providing tools and services that help companies build enterprise applications much more effectively and with high quality.

Rapid development

EasyAlpha is our service for accelerated development and deployment of tailor-made applications. Think days or weeks instead of months. We can leverage our model-driven tools to build the entire back-end of custom applications with high quality, on schedule and within budget. EasyAlpha is great for quickly building MVPs, replacing that clunky Excel spreadsheet, or even quickly getting an extension to your existing product off the ground.


Cloudfier is a web-based platform for rapid development and deployment of business applications.

TextUML Toolkit

TextUML Toolkit is a tool for creating UML models based on a textual notation.

Kirra and kirra-angular

Kirra is a platform-independent domain-agnostic API for business applications. kirra-angular is a generic Javascript/HTML/CSS client that renders a fully functional UI based on an application’s REST API.


We provide remote technical mentoring in software engineering, develop specialized modules/subsystems for your software product, and build custom tools for development teams. Areas of expertise are domain-driven design, modularity, test-driven development, continuous integration, API design, model-driven development and legacy software modernization (more).


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