Abstratt is a company focused on improving how people build software. We* do that by providing tools and services that allow developers building enterprise applications to take full advantage of the model-driven development approach to build quality software effectively.



Cloudfier is a web-based platform for rapid development and deployment of business applications.

TextUML Toolkit

TextUML Toolkit is a tool for creating UML models based on a textual notation.


Kirra is a platform-independent domain-agnostic API for business applications.



We provide on-site and remote (Skype/Google+) technical mentoring in software engineering. Areas of expertise are domain-driven design, modularity, test-driven development, continuous integration, API design, model-driven development and legacy software modernization (more).

Custom development

We can leverage our model-driven tools to build custom applications with high quality, on schedule and within budget.

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* Full disclosure: “we” is a bit of a misnomer. Abstratt is currently just this one guy and his laptop. But just give them, ahem, him a little more time and you’ll see.